Replacement Windows: How to Tell if Your Cincinnati, OH, Home Needs an Upgrade

Replacement Windows Cincinnati OHKnowing when it’s time to consider replacement windows for your Cincinnati, Ohio, home isn’t always easy. Unless a neighborhood all-star line-drives a baseball through your kitchen curtains, the signs can be subtle. One of the more visible indicators is condensation. If you notice fogging or water droplets forming between the panes, it probably means the seal on your windows has degraded. This allows moisture to enter, which, in turn, hampers the window’s insulating capacity. In cold weather, this condensation can take the form of ice or frost. Since water expands as it freezes, ice can pry the frame away from the glass over time, allowing in more moisture and exasperating the situation.

At Bright Ideas, we’re the window experts Cincinnati, OH, residents have been turning to for professional advice and service since 1995. If you suspect your current windows may need replacement, we’ll be happy to have one of our knowledgeable technicians inspect your home. In addition to fogging, we can help identify other issues that may indicate the need for replacement windows, such as:

  • Feeling a draft, however slight, near a window
  • Difficulty opening and closing widows and/or an inability to properly lock them
  • Hearing lots of outside noises
  • Seeing cracks in the pane
  • Glass that is hot to the touch in summer and icy to the touch in winter
  • Noticeable temperature variations near a window
  • Warped and rotten frames

If one or more of these issues are noted, it’s usually a good indication replacement windows are in order. After the inspection, a Bright Ideas representative will review all of the many window styles and options we provide and work with you to tailor a renovation project that’s a perfect fit for both your home and your budget.

So why delay? In addition to adding beauty and value to your Cincinnati, OH, residence, replacement windows can also make it more energy efficient, potentially lowering your monthly energy costs. Reduced noise levels, easy operation – the list of benefits our replacement windows provide goes on and on. Contact Bright Ideas today to learn more and schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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